The Art of Change

by Sukhneet Singh

7 Simple Habits That Changed My Life

I’ve spent years trying out mind hacks to improve my life.  I’ve kept a journal, a planner, an online planner, dozens of to-do lists, alarms, reminder, text messages, forms to track my progress… You get the idea.

Most of them failed. It’s why I’m sitting in a coffee shop writing rather than finishing up my law degree like a good boy… (refer to picture above).

A few habits stuck out as habits that really changed my life. These are all things I’m doing today. The older ones are true game changers, and you know this by the fact that I’m still doing them (like habit #1).

This list is hardly exhaustive. I wrote some 20 habits, then cut out most of them to give you something more actionable. Some will work for you and some won’t. Try em out. Fail a few times. Curse my name with your fist raised in the air. I don’t care. I just want you to enjoy life and give back a little. So read on, and let me know if it’s helpful.

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3 of my Best Posts in 2013

My writing consistency fell off in 2013. The year before, I published 60 posts. 2013 saw 12 posts.

Still, one post stood above the rest. It accounted for 67% of all incoming traffic to this blog. It was the story of times I had been called a terrorist, and how I struggled with finding a better way to respond. Thank you again to everyone who read and shared it. You attention is more important than you can imagine.

Here are the top 3 posts from 2013, based on total number of views:

  1. The Time I Appreciated Being Called a #Terrorist
  2. How to Gain Control of Your Working Life (again)
  3. How to Win People Over as an Introvert

As you noticed, I’m focusing on giving you better content on a consistent basis in 2014. Hopefully, this year I can contribute to your life in some way.

If there’s any type of post, subject, or style you love that you want to see more of, let me know.

Make 2014 a year to remember.

P.S. – Here’s a bonus post that people LOVED, but that I never published on Facebook. How #StartupWeekend Changed My Life.

My Wish For You in 2014

To be the very best you can be.

You’re much more important than you might think. And you’ve got more potential than you can even begin to imagine.

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How to Win People Over as an Introvert


What I felt like before learning the secret to social interaction

A few years ago, I got fed up with my social skills.

I sucked at talking to girls. It was horrible. For years, I did everything I could to be funnier,  look smarter, and be more interesting.

I practiced my storytelling skills, with no results. One time, my buddy and I hung  out with a girl. We were all chilling and enjoying each others’ company. I saw the perfect opportunity to launch into a great story. I got off to a great start. The first joke hit, with just the right amount of pause. Laughter. Second joke… Boom. They were rolling. Yet, something felt awfully wrong.

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Patterns School, part 2

*all the quotes are from memory, and may be wildly twisted based on my brain’s tendency to change my memory. On with the story…*


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