The Art of Change podcast is about finding people changing the game in their own world. It’s about shining a light on those people, however big or small. The long term vision is organizing the tribe, activating game changers across the world.

This happens by understanding people from vastly different walks of life. I’m interviewing artists, entrepreneurs, CEO’s of established businesses, government officials, scientists, and religious leaders, among others. This podcast shines a light on people who work to make change.

New episodes up every Tuesday.

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AOC 1 – Turning Loss Into Love by Starting a Foundation Tony Butler

AOC 2 – Josh Long on Starting a School, Writing a Book in 8 days, and Executing

AOC 3 – Co-creating a community you’re proud of with Greg Tehven

AOC 4 – Developing a Successful Partnership with RetraceHealth

AOC 5 – From Side Project to Startup with Prime

AOC 6 – Changing Culture Through Clothing With Curtis Bright

AOC 7 – Coming Feb 11th