Book Review: Amadeus – A Tour Through the Underbelly of the Beast

by sukhvirk150


Fearless Finding – 9/10

There are a few books that touch you deeply and make an impact. Amadeus is one of those books.

The books stars Connor Donovan, a high-level consultant on a mission for a spicy chicken sandwich at Wendy’s. During his mini-venture, he meets a hobo named Amadeus, who takes connor on a strange tour through Boston. As they navigate new and unfamiliar landscapes, Amadeus imparts wisdom on Connor.

That’s one of the things I loved about the book. The wisdom Amadeus distills to his new client is timeless. At one point, Amadeus discusses learning from the earth itself. We weave our own life like the spider weaves her web. Our words are like the spider’s silk coming from her mouth.

Little bits of wisdom like this are sprinkled throughout the book. Each one makes an impression, impacting how you interact with your world.

Amadeus is a short read. I finished it within a few hours of starting.

It made me uncomfortable, reminding me that I have so much more to do. I love those types of books, the ones that kick your butt and get you moving.

Pick this one up. You’ll want to read this more than a few times. I know I will.