The Need to be Selfish (sometimes)

by sukhvirk150

When the focus is to serve and help other people, sometimes it’s important to be a little bit selfish in order to help more people, in more ways, later. Not everyone will understand immediately (it’s like we all have a brain of our own or something!). Recognize that what you’re doing may look selfish, and do your best to be respectful and honest.

Some examples:

A homeless person asks for $2. That’s the only cash you have in your wallet. Plus, this person may use it for drugs. So, while you’re selfish with the money, maybe you can give that person a book that you love or some food. That way, if they use either of those things (reading or eating), they’ll be better off.

Let’s say you’re in school. your helping your parents, professor, the school, your friends who care about you, and probably a lot of other people by focusing and doing well. So if you see your friend who wants to go out tonight when you need to study for an exam tomorrow, it might be best to stay in and study. You can still be respectful and kind to your friend. You also may have time to grab lunch. You know your schedule and your goals best. Either way, your friend may understand (and if they keep trying to force you to go out when you have an exam tomorrow, maybe it’s time to re-examine whether that person cares about you doing well or not).

Anyways, as long as you’re focused on helping other people, you should be on the right track.