Lessons From Startup Weekend Twin Cities 4 #swtc4

by sukhvirk150

This weekend I attended Startup Weekend Twin Cities. You get 160+ people together to start a business. All action.

We had everyone from developers, designers, business people, even a 13 year old kid.

The first night anyone with an idea pitched the idea to the group for 60 seconds. At the end we each voted for our top 3. Votes were tallied and 18 ideas remained. From there into teams, then working the whole weekend to build the tech business from scratch. The Challenge: have a working model Sunday night.

Nifty Gifter won the event. It’s basically an app that keeps a wish list for you for anyone on your gift list. When it’s time to order holiday gifts, Nifty Gifter reminds you and allows you to order the gifts you saved through Amazon within minutes. A great concept with a great team.

There was a lot of shit going on. This weekend we had people running around to local businesses, programmers coding late into the night, and mentors floating around giving key advice.

In an event like this, there’s so much to learn. And learn I did. I was reminded of an event I went to in January, where a speaker talked about the fact that the most successful people stretched and challenged themselves, then sat down and picked apart what they learned from the experience. It applied to being in law school. So, rather than pick my lessons apart in my journal, I’ll be posting one lesson I learned each day. I’ll give the story to go with it and everything!

At this point all I can promise is 5 lessons. We’ll see how it goes.