by sukhvirk150

Hello everyone,

It’s been too long. As I dig deeper into this new (now kind of middle-aged) semester at law school, I thought I’d give you an update.

I’ve implemented systems in my life to achieve much more. A lot of it has to do with hacks to encourage more focused action on my part, such as not doing any work past 7pm.

I’ve also been getting involved with my local Sikh community. We’re working on starting up a chapter of Jakara (a California-based Sikh youth movement) here in Minnesota. Starting things up is a crap ton of work, but definitely worth it. Especially when you create systems of accountability, respect, and trust with those you’re working with. To find out more about Jakara, go here: http://jakara.nationbuilder.com/

Speaking of start-ups, I’m working on my first business! It’s an online course designed to guide law students considering non-law careers (entrepreneurs, artists, other creatives) to get the most out of law school while crafting and embarking on their own journey. It’s slated for release In late-January or early-February. Tell any law students you know about it! I’ll be getting into some hustling late November, light mentions in December, then heavy pushes through January.

Finally, I joined a dance team! It’s Bhangra, traditional Punjabi (a state in India) style dance. Our show will be happening November 9th in Minneapolis. Free tickets if you’re in the area.

What are you working on?