Week in Review, March 5th, 2012

by sukhvirk150

So I’ve been MIA for a bit. My fault.

This past week has been riddle with high-highs and low-lows. It was amazing to be part of hell week and the Law School Musical, Allawdin. We had an amazing time, and killed the show this year. Former Vice President Walter Mondale had a cameo, along with the current Dean and a whole bunch of professors. Mr. Mondale loved it so much, he came twice! We pulled off our shirts for a drop-dead sexy dance number. Video to follow as soon as it’s up (I have no idea how long that will be…).

Focusing on the good parts first, I was able to turn this past week into a exercise week. It feels good to get back into running, and dancing around every day helped a lot as well. I made some progress on rehabilitation for my tight hamstring, which bodes well for this summer’s fitness/fighting goals. It’s a bit tight today, so I need to make sure to keep up the stretches. I also kept the video games at bay for the most part, playing at a max of an hour a day. It felt great to see the time down so much this week. Finally, I had a great time getting out this weekend, meeting new people, learning more names, and listening to stories from some amazing people. It felt great to be able to connect with people again.

Shifting back to work, I really failed in a lot of ways this week. No progress on the summer business, feel behind in 2 classes, and got behind on my legal writing paper. I also haven’t applied for any jobs or worked on my resume at all. The thing about failing is that we just need to find out what we’re doing wrong and make changes. Last week, the musical took roughly 5 hours every night, so a little getting behind is understood. I also put the weekend to good use, sleeping for 14 hours on Saturday (yeah, I know. Knock out kinggg). Either way, if I use my time wisely this week, I can again get a lot done. It’s definitely possible to do my daily readings and then some. I just need to make sure to keep those goals in mind.

What do you do to remember long term goals you have? What do you do to ensure you’re working on them periodically?