Week in Review: Feb 25, 2012

by sukhvirk150

This week has been crazy. There are a lot of change I’m making right now, a lot of insights I’ve had and a lot to do going forward.

Meditation Club–Acupressure Session

The session itself was great, but even more than that I’m learning what it takes to hold an event in the law school, as well as some of the logistics that go into it. For one thing, getting everything set by the weekend before the event is key. It allows for so much more time marketing and getting the word out, as well as creating buzz.

Another key component is creating buss about an event. Enthusiasm helps, as well as tailoring an event to other peoples’ wants. With the acupressure session, I made sure to convey that it helps a lot with stress. It’s largely about connecting with our bodies and maintaining balance of our energy, but in law school stress is an ever-present danger. Thus, emphasizing different points makes it more relevant to different people.

I’m using these lessons in planning events next year for the Sikh Legal Society (SLS). In the coming weeks and months, as I participate and become involved with the Meditation Club and the south Asian Law Student Association, I can glean more and more experience to use towards SLS. One thing I just realized is that to gain the most experience, I need to give these clubs my best effort, so that I have the opportunity to learn the most.


I’ve been sharing my business plan with a few people, and getting good feedback so far. I won’t go into the details online, but suffice to say things are moving forward. There’s a LOT of work to do, and I’m re-adjusting my schedule as well as my vision and focus to spend more time building a framework for the summer. If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen now. The small steps I take day to day will build the foundation of the business.

As things develop and our first products become available, I’ll let you know in this column.

Religious Love

Today, I had an hour and a half conversation with 2 Buddhists, a Christian, and a Muslim. It was a fascinating conversation. We focused a lot on the Christian perspective today, but I loved it. We talked about various goals in different traditions, and how each of our goals influenced our beliefs. We talked about logic and how certain things make sense, but also how logic is a tool simply to lead us to different experiences. We discussed how people, including ourselves, are driven by experience, and derive our life around it.

I mentioned that I felt that sometimes it seems as though some Atheists are more aggressive and hostile towards religiosity (specifically Christianity) than religious people are to Atheists. Yet my Christian brother said that often they’re coming from really intensely negative experiences with religion, which colored their attitudes towards religion. He mentioned that for years he had the same experience and shared the perspective. I love that he said that. I realized that my own thoughts about it failed to search for understanding towards where the pain might be coming from. I’m grateful that he said that, so I can keep it in mind for the future.

The conversation was a great learning experience for all involved, and we will  meet again 2 weeks from now to continue the inter-faith dialogue. Hopefully we can add more perspectives to the group. I thought this would also be a great weekly event for either the Meditation Club or SLS next year. In due time, it will happen.


The biggest change this week is in re-framing my vision. I’ve realized, through great counseling from peers, that I forgot my vision in 2011. Tonight I’m journaling about my vision, specifically where I see myself in 5, 10, 50 years. Already, even though I haven’t specifically enumerated it, its had a huge impact on my focus and work ethic today alone.

The biggest factor is a shift in the people I’m around. By challenging myself and exploring other people I’d like to be like, automatically I’m picking up on some of their habits. It’s astonishing, and I’m very thankful for it.

A 3L I met today talked about his faith in God. He talked about being in law school and excelling, recognizing it as his calling. It was a wonderful and timely reminder that I’m here for a reason. This time spent here isn’t just a step that I have to get through, but an opportunity to do great things and explore ideas and people that I might never have the opportunity to do in the future. He inspired me to remember Waheguru in my own life, and accept that I have a duty here, that I’m very blessed to be here, just as you reading this are blessed to be at where you are in your life right now. It’s simply a matter of recognizing it.

Things to Read/Watch

I saw/read these videos/articles, and found them interesting and helpful. I hope you find them helpful too.

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