Finding Peace

by sukhvirk150

It’s not in a new Yoga membership at the local hot Yoga club. True Peace must be attained in the everyday stresses of life.

These days, consumerism and media influence have us buying things to gain ‘inner peace’. We might travel to India to learn from a Guru, get a membership to a Yoga club, or just smoke weed and listen to really transcendent music. I think all of this things can aid in a journey to peace, but they’re hardly the end product of True Peace.

There’s a story where Guru Nanak Dev Ji, on one of his many long journeys, came across some yogis meditating high in the mountains. He asked them why they meditated there, impressed with their spiritual wisdom.

“We come here to escape the noise and dirt of the world, to seek peace among the mountains. We come here to get away from all of the bad things consuming the world below.”

“With all of your spiritual wisdom, why aren’t you spreading it to the people who need it most?” Guru Nanak Dev Ji asked.

In Sikhi, the highest form of living is not escaping the modern world to ‘find peace’. Rather. the highest form of living is that of a family person, working hard to make a living, raise a family and give back to the community. All while remembering and serving Waheguru. In this way, peace isn’t found by taking long trips to foreign countries or practicing yoga, but rather found in everyday life. Each of these can be used as aids in the journey to True, everlasting Peace. Yet we must remember that we have a duty in every moment to work towards Peace.

We attain Peace when we remain peaceful while others yell at us in traffic, while someone makes a racist or sexist remark, or when we’ve been wronged. Anger to injustice is a form of focusing our necessary and healthy human emotion, but lasting, eternal Peace is being able to control the emotion, rather than the emotion taking control of us.

Some ways to work for Peace include:

  1. Remembering 5 things we’re grateful for
  2. Smiling
  3. Asking ourselves, “how could I handle XYZ situation with love”
What are some ways you work for Peace?