Turning Hate on its Head

by sukhvirk150

A few days ago, Sikh Coalition sent an email about some racist t-shirts posted on cafepress. A picture of the t-shirts, via huffpost, is below. (a blog post about it here)

At first glance, I thought Sikh Coalition made the shirts in protest of the words ‘towelhead’ and ‘raghead’. I thought, “Great! Where can I get one?” As I examined closer, I realized they were intended to be racist.

I told my mistake to a few friends, who all found it funny. Then I thought, “why not wear the shirts myself?” Honestly, it would be pretty funny to see a Sikh wearing the shirt, and would completely undermine the hateful nature of the remark. I’d find it pretty funny too.

When someone tries to be hateful, why not throw the hate on it’s head? When someone tries to give hate, why not give love? When someone tries to give anger, why not give happiness? When someone tries to give a frown, why not give a smile? These little things are SO effective, it’s crazy.

Next time someone gives you a hateful comment, try to give them a hug? It’s probably been a while since they’ve had one anyways, and I’m sure they could use one. We all could.

How could anyone hate on this?