Humanity’s Downfall

by sukhvirk150

We humans driven primarily by our Ego’s, and it’s destroying us slowly.

The Example

Recently, a speaker came to the UMN Law School to talk about Monsanto and legal issues surrounding their efforts to sue small-time farmers. She made a few Bible references to tie the Christian faith with a few of Monsanto’s actions. I appreaciated the references. The passages made it more likely for Christians to find reason to become environmental activists. Yet a fair number of environmental activists in the audience took issue with the Bible references. I was surprised, since we shared the same goal with the speaker.

The arguments against her were that she used the passages wrong, that they weren’t the right passages to use there, and a few other arguments that made little sense. They were delivered with an intense, passionate anger. It appeared to me that these weren’t arguments derived from sense or logic, but rather a deep-seeded fear and anger towards Christianity and the Bible. No matter how much I urged against focusing on the parables provided by the speaker, the select few continued to reference them. The legal arguments about Monsanto were entirely forgotten. They were left on the floor untouched, and the opportunity to join forces with a religious group to fight environmental destruction was lost.

It’s sad that we fight over things that dont’ matter, ignoring the positive work one another is doing in favor of expanding and focusing on our differences.

The Sikh Community

Sikhs are also largely guilty of this. We focus on small, minute issues. We criticize one another for not keeping our hair, for eating meat, or for using chairs in Gurudwara’s. It’s necessary that we have a standard of living for Sikhs, a standard of conduct. But that doesn’t keep us from working with one another on social justice issues, or from embracing one another with love, as brother and sister.

Humanity’s Downfall

The biggest downfall of the human race isn’t religion. Many people have utilized religion to make extremely positive results in their own lives and in the world. The biggest problem isn’t capitalism. Many people have utilized capitalism to also make positive change.

The biggest downfall of the human race is our ego. We resist admitting when we’re wrong. We insist on discounting those who disagree with us on a few issues. We fight tooth and nail when things aren’t done our way. At times, we act more childish than children, ignoring the gift of consciousness and allowing our hurt ego’s to take over. At time, I’m guilty of it myself. The ego is dangerous, which is why we must try to continually be aware, and be open to those who continue to give us honest feedback.

Suggestions to Check Your Ego

  1. Spend time with people you wholly disagree with. Rather than engage them in argument, ask questions and try to listen with an open mind.
  2. Pick up trash that you come across in the street.
  3. Take a cold shower.
  4. Remind yourself that everyone you encounter throughout the day is your brother or sister.
  5. Give a compliment to someone you don’t like. Make it genuine, and look for something you really like about them.
  6. Buy food for the next person in line at a coffee shop and don’t tell them.
  7. Write down 5 things you’re grateful for (doing this daily is even better).

What suggestions do you have?