Week in Review. Feb 10, 2012

by sukhvirk150

This week, I’ve started out on a few projects.

One includes setting up an event to encourage more law students to think about starting an NGO, and how to do that. We’ve still got a lot of work to do, including setting up an event time and inviting speakers who can bridge the connections between law school and the entrepreneurial spirit of starting NGOs, business, or social enterprises. Any feedback, including details, possible speakers, or about the topic in general would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve also become aware of a legal writing competition, though I may have to table that project for subsequent years. A possible research topic is the effects of environmental laws and regulations, and how much of a positive impact they really have. I’m not sure how much a potential legal paper needs to deal directly with legal issues or can deviate and discuss law’s effects. Either way, right now it’s simply an idea.

Finally, just for reference, each week I’ll be writing about the work I’m doing. This was suggested in an interview with Seth Godin (view able here), where he said that people should blog everyday about the work they’re doing. He also said that if the work you’re doing isn’t good enough to write about, to find new work. In response, I’m committing one post a week to this, since I generally write about social issues, self-improvement, lessons from life, etc.

PS this is going to last as long as it’s beneficial to the readers. Right now it’s just a test run. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.