Romanticizing Death

by sukhvirk150

When I think about my life, I find myself hoping I die a beautiful death, fighting for a just cause. I remember martyrs who gave their own lives for a greater purpose. I hope that I may give up my head for the cause, as the Sri Guru Granth Sahib requests of us.

Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji, who was martyred for the human rights of Hindu's, led his life as a shining example for all.

The thing I forget is that what matters is how these martyrs lived. I talked with a dear friend today, and she shared her insights on the fact that how we die is a reflection of how we’ve lived.

I also begin to reflect on the meaning of giving up our heads for the cause. Sure, it’s easy to dream for a movie-like death, a martyrdom, but would I be ready for it if I saw it? Also, it’s much more useful, and much harder, to dedicate myself to a cause while I’m living. With each day, I can choose to act for myself or to act for a greater purpose.

It’s a less traveled path, but once we embark on it we meet others dedicated to the cause. It’s a scary path, but the fear can be overcome when we know we’re acting on behalf of a greater cause. It’s a difficult path, but attainable with small steps taken every day.

Although I may dream for a meaningful and important death, I must remember everyday to live a meaningful and important life.