Dating? Nah.

by sukhvirk150

I don’t see the big deal in dating.

I’ve dated before, and I definitely don’t intend to discourage anyone else from doing it. For myself right now though, I wonder what the use is.

I have a few friends who encourage me to date. They mentioned that I should expand my horizons and be open-minded to different people and experiences.

I’m all for being open-minded and expanding my horizons, but do I have to date to do so? Do I have to be in a romantic relationship to share an amazing experience with another person?

Dating can bring about sudden and vicious break-ups, leaving amazing connections broken and lost. In that sense, I see friendships as life-long relationships.

Now, it may sound like I’m just justifying the single life out of fear of being hurt. It’s a fair assumption, and that might well be what I’m doing. Yet I’m open to dating people that I might see myself with long term.

I guess that’s where my reservation comes from. If I don’t see myself being with someone long term, why would I date them?

“But you never know until you try!” Actually I do know 2 things. I would never marry someone my parents flat-out disliked (though I’d 100% challenge them if I thought they weren’t being fair), and I would never marry someone who had no intention of being a Sikh.

I see no reason to date anyone who doesn’t meet those 2 criteria. Of course there are a lot of others, like someone who’s caring, strong, fun, independent, yadda-yadda, but that’s where the getting to know them comes in.

At this point in my life, I feel more comfortable with myself. I feel that I know more about who I am than the years prior (of course there’s so much more to find out). I feel that I can tell fairly quickly whether something would work out long term or not.

There’s also another part to this. The best relationships are made, not found. In that sense, I almost can’t wait to find my spouse and get started making a life-long relationship. I’ve had some rough relationships, entirely my fault. But life’s about living and learning.

I know I’m not “supposed” to be excited about that since I’m a guy and all that shit, but screw useless gender attributes. I’m genuinely excited to find out who I’m getting married to, and to get married.