Big Thoughts, Small Changes.

by sukhvirk150

It feels good to become educated. It’s a great thing to do, especially about how much damage we’re doing to the Earth and to ourselves (not to mention all other species who roam this Earth we share).

Most people know this about humankind. Yet things don’t seem to change. Things don’t change because we don’t change.

So how do we change, and what kind of change should we do? First, let’s do a thought experiment.

Imagine 100,000 people. 100 or those people spend 24 hours/day to fight environmental destruction, whatever form that takes. 100% commitment. That’s 2,400 total hours per day.

Now, let’s assume 80,000 of those people fight 1 hour per day. That’s only 4.2% commitment. Yet it yields 80,000 total hours per day. HUGE difference. Even 15 minutes a day means 20,000 total hours per day, if we work towards the same goal.

So what does this mean? Small actions have a monumental impact, and can change the world.

Now, what kind of small changes would help make a bigger change? Some things to try to do include riding a bike to work 1 day/week, becoming vegetarian 1 day/week, carrying around a handkerchief to use instead of napkins, stop using plastic water bottles, read articles for class on the computer rather than printing them out, etc.

I’m not going to tell you what to do. I think we all need to do something though. It’s imperative that we don’t just read another blog post and continue on with our lives. With that in mind, please leave a comment identifying one small step you’ll take to combat environmental damage. Personally, I’m committing to quit using napkins for the next month.

What’s your small change? Let me know in the comments.