How to Master Yourself

by sukhvirk150


What’s your art?

It’s an important question. Here’s how to discover yours.

Step 1. Decide.

Decide what your art is. This doesn’t have to be a permanent decision is you’re unsure of. Try some shit out for a month at a time. Do photography. Make videos. Write poems. Write stories. Write blogs. Make websites. Do public speaking. Connect people. Make money. Make an organization. Paint. Start a business. Do yoga. Sing. Play an instrument. Teach.

I decided I want to write. I’ve wanted to write a book for a while. Since I was young, my parents kept telling me I’m a great writer. I’ve had a few people tell me as much through the years as well. The thing is, I never practiced. I realized that if I wrote a book today, it would probably be pretty shitty.

So what’s next? 2. Practice.

Set a routine and schedule for yourself. You might want to paint a new picture/painting every week. Maybe blog once a day. Make a film every other week. What matters is having a routine, a goal, so the practice is regular.

I’ve been blogging, trying to blog every day. I fail, and that’s ok. I never had to tell anyone what I was doing.

I saw a video of a blogger named Seth Godin. He said that people should blog every day. Not to gain popularity, but rather for themselves. When we blog every day, we have to practice identifying and simplifying what we want to say. Of course we’re going to suck. But as we post, our ego’s take over. We get better, and slowly people start reading what we write. We get to see what works and what doesn’t. None of us want to suck at life, so we find ways to do what works.

Final step. 3. Test.

Post your work out for the world to see. Put it on your Twitter. Throw it on your Facebook wall. See if people want to read what you write or not. Post shit on Digg. Put your videos on Youtube.

While doing this though, make sure to keep practicing. Do your best to keep up with the pace you set for yourself. Even if people fail to realize how awesome you are (they’re still figuring it out with me), keep it up and get better.

Final Note:

This is NOT about fame or any of that BS. This is about practicing your skill, letting your art out. This is about recognizing our purpose. Then, it’s about using that art we develop. It’s about using that trust we gain. It’s about taking all that work we did, and making a difference in this world for the better.

As I said previously, our leaders failed us. Here’s a road map to leading yourself.