Our Leaders Have Failed Us

by sukhvirk150

We believed in doctors to make us healthy. Instead they prescribe us pill after pill and discourage us from taking the vitamins we need.

We believed in lawyers. Now many of them work to censor the internet that ignites Change and Truth.

We believed in Obama. Just a few weeks ago, he signed the NDAA into law, threatening the very civil liberties the Constitution was written to protect. And it’s likely to target poor, Islamic and Sikh youth most of all.

We believed in the Indian Government. They invaded one of the holiest of our Gurudwara’s, called us terrorists and for years killed us with no mercy. Today, farmers commit suicide every day, collapsing under the pressure of vicious loans, Governmental aggression, and land that can no longer produce  crops so necessary to their survival. Still, the Government denies it even occurs.

I can go on. Our leaders have failed us. Yet it’s our fault. We stayed silent when these atrocities took place. We watched as our brothers and sisters we taken away. We chose to ignore signs that those in positions of power intend to abuse their power to gain more, at our expense.

It’s time for us to step up today. One step today, one step tomorrow. I’m taking a stand by writing.

How are you fighting for justice? How are you seeking Truth?