A View of the Kara

by sukhvirk150

When people ask about why I wear a Kara, numerous reasons come up.











Yet experience trumps logic. I try to use logic to steer myself into new experiences, which drive us and shape our lives.

My latest reasoning had to do with my view of Waheguru, or Allah, or God, or that consciousness that pervades all living beings.

I thought of the center of the Kara as Waheguru, that central force which connects each one of us. Each person, each community, each tribe is a being along the edge of the Kara. This infers that we are all equal and share the same inner core or being. It also infers that each one of us lives our shared inner force differently. As we explore and celebrate each other’s differences, we come closer together, learning from one another. Soon, we realize our shared force, and join in the circle of life.

This view serves as a reminder to celebrate diversity in all its forms. It motivates me to encourage art when we encounter it. It reminds me to listen with humility to people who might be on the opposite side of the Kara from me.

Why do you wear your Kara? How does it lead you to a higher path?